Hairless Maintenance & Care

Got a Naked Kid Cat? Thinking about purchasing or adopting a hairless Cat? Carefully consider the reason why you want a pet. Is it companionship, protection, or fashion? Is this the right breed for me? Do I have the time this breed requires? Am I committed to the cost of its care? The questions are of particular importance when considering a Sphynx cat. They are fun and loving but also plagued by misconceptions about their hairlessness and maintenance. It's better to learn how to care for one BEFORE you decide to adopt.

These posts are my best Naked Cat advice along with tips from some of the country's best-hairless cat breeders and seasoned owners. Like all knowledge, it is evolving, so I welcome comments as well as questions about hairless care and maintenance. There is not an issue you have that some other naked cat owner has not faced before you!

Moshe Moshi's Rosies Toesies
Here Comes the Sun
To Be Naked and Hungry
What is HCM?
The Thing About Nail Caps


  1. Well arent i lucky, i came across this site by chance. Hopefully someone here can help me out. My Rango, as of the past month or so has been snotting eveywhere, some days nothing or very lil other days its what seems to be globs of it.. Maybe others here have experience this and know of a way to eliminate.. Im looking forward to enjoying this site.


    1. @the5thUltra - I can appreciate you are looking for advice. However, visit your vet first. Let them give you a diagnosis and treatment for your pet, THEN ask if anyone else has this diagnosis. Never ask internet strangers for medical advice. You owe it to your pet to get them professional help.


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