Eating Naked - Raw Feeding

I feed raw meat and bones to my cats. 

I am not some hippie or fad flunky hopping on the latest craze, nor am I knocking you for not feeding your cat or dog a raw diet. My contention has always been to feed your pet the best you can afford and to be truthful a desire to ease my pet food bill the impetus to why we started raw feeding.  After a ton of research, lots of opinions from Vets, breeders and food professionals, we took the leap and started the cats on Raw Feeding. It is much cheaper, less wasteful and our cat's healthy teeth, skin, and gut speak for its benefits.  We feed raw, and I'll share with you how I do it. 

Topics coovers: 
Why feed raw and what's wrong with the Grocery Food
What exactly is a Raw Diet
Transitioning to a Raw Diet
Talking to Your Veterinarian

1 comment:

  1. MMMM, my owners give me cat food still, but I LOVE my raw food best. The easiest way to get me to purrrRRRrrr is to feed me beef. Forget the cooked stuff.

    Meowrrrr, Shadow


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