We are Naked and Hungry; an honest, but hopefully, a funny look at nudity and allergies in one cat house in Washington D.C. Visit us for quick quips and meow-zing observations about Meir Life.

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From the wilds of the jungle, this she-cat will stalk and capture your heart with a full, penetrating stare. Lexi Liu was initially Disal Alexandra Township, a well-cared for F1 Sphynx from a Cattery in South Africa. Her pattern is mostly blue and white, but on close inspection, one can see another color within the patterning. She has huge, deeply golden eyes that give her almost constant look of surprise. The F1 is a rating that denotes a cat is the first generation within a lineage. Lexi Liu’s mom was a regular DSH barn cat that was hairless at birth. That cat bred with a male pedigree sphynx, and Lexi Liu was one of 4 kittens to that litter. She and two brothers were born naked, and one sister was full coated. She later became a mom cat for several healthy litters before an infection, and still-born kittens in her last litter ended her breeding. She came to live in the Meir home July of 2015.

Lexi Liu is a sweet girl, fearless and inquisitive. She loves to play with everybody, enjoys hot sunny days in the shade, turkey meat and goat’s milk. Her secret indulgence is Tostitos (when they fall on the floor). Dislikes are having her ears cleaned (who doesn’t hate that). She also loves to cuddle and kiss, but on her terms.

Oh Canada♪, This pale boy must have left his coat up there. Moshe Moshi is a northern transplant that came to live at a cattery in Maryland. Santos Moses (his original name), came to the Meir House, first temporarily when his owner became ill, and then a permanent part of the Meir clan in July of 2009 when his owner died and by request of his family. He was named Moshe Moshi because Moses in Hebrew is Moshe and the added Moshi in the Japanese because he looked “not human” according to some of our relatives.

Moshe Moshi is a cream point Sphynx man-cat, wrinkled with light-blue eyes. It is rumored he can trace his line back to the first Sphynx in Toronto Canada. Though we proudly boast that fact, he also has a trait from cross-breeding with Siamese cats; he’s a little cross-eyed. It affects how well he sees, but he is by far the sweetest and most chill cat you will ever meet. He loves to cuddle, LOVES the sunshine a little too much, will run for days if you let him and will talk to you if you need to vent about your crappy day. His favorites are heated anything, freeze-dried cow, and goat’s milk. Secret indulgence is French Vanilla Ice Cream (I allow him to lick the bowls). Dislikes are Sunday baths & being alone.

I am CHo Meir. For clarification, I am not Chinese; it's a nickname. I am a former Army Paramedic that traded my life of cheap thrills, lust, and danger for safer, sedentary pursuits like crocheting, soup, and baking booze cakes (My Harvey Wall-Banger Cake is wicket) and this insane habit of blogging. I am now a non-essential worker at the Smithsonian Institution and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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