Happy Holidays & Good Bye (Kinda)

It's the holidays.  I'm broke, the government is shut down, Moshe Moshi is still hanging in there, but slowing a bit.  I believe I'm finished with all of it.

I have struggled to keep this blog up.  Adjustments to keep my audience and create content had always been hampered by my regular job, issues with the cats, my writing skills.  I have always feared I don't have the talent for this type of expression.

Bogging has also changed in relevance over the past few years.  Though there are still some blogs that can draw enough traffic for people to read and engage that content, I've not generated those larger numbers for a long time.  My writing fell off a bit when Maus and Jake passed away.  The Chewy purchase has hurt the network of pet bloggers, and my ideas on the subject matter never truly caught the traffic needed to make it work.

But still, I want this t continue because I started this blog not to make money, but rather to reach out beyond my small place in this world.  Naked and Hungry will close in its current form, but that does not mean we are going away.

One - the name "Naked and Hungry" has some issues.  First, it's the name of a band.  Two, it has always drawn a weird crowd of people thinking it has to do with sex.  I had been trying to copyright the name for branding purposes, and those were the issues that came up.  I may need to rename the blog a bit, adding the 'i' as in our Twitter and Instagram feeds. The naked thing has more to do with non-English speakers so we can let that go.

With that in mind, this will be the next to last post on this blog.  The final will have the link to the new blog address once it is set up. So in short, this is not goodbye as much as it is we'll see you later in our next life.

Happy Holidays everyone.  Cross your fingers for a better year in 2019.

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