Coming Back, Slowly

We are still here.
Sleeping in, but still going strong.


I am sorry we have been away for so long.

This year has been a season for health issues; for the cats and me.  Though I’m sure I could have written about them as they happened, the truth is I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue the blog.


What happened a year ago


I adopted two cats last fall; Gomi and Yaya (both sphynx).  It was going to be a foster situation but became a foster fail.  Yaya came to me scarred and with a horrible rash.  It turns out she is severely allergic to almost everything.  Yaya’s condition makes it hard to adopt her out because managing her allergies on top of properly maintaining a sphynx is a lot for the average adopter to manage.  Having allergies of my own, I knew what extreme efforts it would take to care for her, so I decided she would stay.  Gomi is a young male sphynx.  Gomi can be very sweet, but also has aggression problems that caused him to be returned to his breeder twice.  Though I am still trying to adopt Gomi out, he is comfortable in my home and has boned well with Moshe Moshi.  Both cats suffered from abuse and neglect.  Though they are doing much better (patting myself on the back), there is still much to do to get them to full cat happiness.

Moshe Moshi had a health scare late last year.  Though his diagnosis is not definitive, they diagnosed him with lymphoma, and that triggered FIP.  The Vets were sure he would die within a month or two, but at the moment he is doing very well.  Whether he does have the disease or not remains to be seen.  For now, he is gaining weight, eating well and still is the sweetest cat I know. Testing continues to see what will come.


Lexi is fine, no problems, no worries.  She does not, however, is not thrilled with these two cats in the house.  She tolerates Gomi; even cuddling with him on occasion.   Yaya however, well, let’s say I have much to work on getting them to like each other.  I think I will take the girls on a road trip together so they can get to know each other without the boys.


Me, well, most of the change has to do with me.  After years of failed dieting and plagued by injuries during exercise, I went through weight loss surgery.  The recovery and lifestyle change is taking up most of my time.  Along with going through this process, I have retrospectively considered if I wanted the blog to continue.


I am not the best of writers but want to get better at it.  I’ve not been about to find a niche topic that every caught on, and I don’t need to write down my thoughts like a journal.  I wrote because I thought people would be interested in the subject matter.  My skillset (or lack of) has probably contributed more to my blog not being read regularly than anything else.  After years of writing, it stands to reason that I would ask what the point of continuing. 


On the other hand, I have met some wonderful people while writing.  That alone makes it worth my while to not chuck it in just yet.


I am considering how the blog will change, but I’m not there yet.  I will let you know.


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