Que Sera Sera

Leci, Moshe and Gomi

It's Sunday. The cats are taking their mid-morning naps, and I have a moment to talk with you about our lives and the blog future.

The Cats - Long-time readers of our blog know that Moshe Moshi has had Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome for years. His Vets and I treated this with both diet and medication. He was doing well on just food alone for the past two years when slowly I noticed he was losing weight. A trip to an Internal Medicine Vet and several tests later shows Moshe has Inflammatory Bowel Disease and is symptomatic of early Lymphoma. I am of course crushed by this news. I am however encouraged that the interventions being mounted by his Doctors will provide a good quality of life for Moshe Moshi for however long that will be.  For now, he is well, comfortable and deeply loved by me, his adopted siblings and the staff at Friendship Animal Hospital.

Gomi & YaYa have had some adjustment problems in coming to live with me.  Prior neglect and lack of attention to behavior issues with both cats have led to all of the cat showing signs of stress.  Because most of the aggression was coming from Gomi, it was recommended that Gomi should be medicated and rehomed. Being barely two years of age I was naturally hesitant to medicate such a young cat. But, whether he stays with me or goes to another home, I couldn't pass along his problems to another person without trying to heal him.  So he is on medication, and I am doing exercises to redirect some of the energy to more playful behaviors.

YaYa too has some aggression issues, mostly about trusting the other cats won't harm her. I am unable to address that with medication because the medication current to treat her allergies has been somewhat shaky. We had to increase her dose of meds, and have found it difficult to find a diet she doesn't have an allergic reaction. Her Dermatologist will test her for other allergens and its hopeful that we can keep off of a need for steroids. In the interim, she needs to be heart scanned first in preparation if we do need to address thus steroids.

Lexi, though stressed by Gomi and Yaya is doing ok. She is going to the Vet for a full physical and dental cleaning tomorrow.  Lexi has been the #1 con voice in making either cat a permanent addition to my home.  She is warming up to Gomi since he been on Paxil, but Yaya, not so much.  Hopeful for a clear exam and no tooth loss cleaning.

My health too has been impacted by all if this (weight, arthritis, job), but I will muddle through; I always do. Part of the new content for the bog was going to be about managing lifestyle issues and how this relates to the cats.  I am still working on it, and you will start to see these posts soon.

So, as you can see my time has been a bit consumed with other things and not the blog. Still, I have decided to continue with the blog. Still working on our changes, and for sure the recent events will impact our future content, but we will still be here. As the saying goes, "When life gives you Lemons..." Well, let's just say I'm becoming very creative with lemonade recipes.  Thank you for your support. 

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