Long Winter's Nap - BlogPaws Bloghop 12-20-2017

Two Sphynx cats under a blanket

Hanukkah over and Xmas almost here, all the naked kidz are nestled in and ready for the long winter's nap (Don't we all wish we could do the same). Next week we will do a year's end review of some favorite finds, and then take a month off from regular posting.

Earlier in the Fall, we said we would go through a bit of a format change, and the look of the blog will update also.  Doing all of the changes on my own, I needed the time just to edit and not be pressured to post anything. If I thought I could do both effectively, well, I know my limitations.  I believe the Hiatus will benefit everyone, including the cats.  We will continue to post on Instagram (inakedandhungry), Twitter (@inakedandhungry),  and the Facebook Page (Naked and Hungry and also Naked Cat Confessions) .  Please visit us on those formats.

If we don't post this week, we wish all of our friends a Happy Holidays and Season's Greetings. Be Merry, be safe.

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