Last BlogPaws Bloghop of 2017

Happy Holidays, 2018 card with 4 sphynx cats

This photo is my 2017 Holiday Card.  If you didn't get one, I am sorry, honestly.  This thing was probably the most challenging card I've done.  My team of fantastic professionals was beset with tragedy and illness throughout the year (hugs, kisses & purrs for your healing and recovery).  I had to go it mostly alone and hurried to get them out.  The perfectionist in me says it was not my best work.  All that have received it so far have provided me with high praise, and I deeply, deeply appreciate it.  Next year will be even better, I guarantee it!

I  hope your holiday season finds you a warm forever home where you feel loved, fed and all around you care for you. That's not just for pets; it for you people too. 


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