Naked on Tuesday

We had an okay Thanksgiving. I took Mom to my sister's home. Mom got to see her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. My sister and I are great cooks, and my brother-in-law is a chef, so you know it was a feast.  The only drawback is that it's a no-cats zone due to the dog and my brother-in-law's fear of cats (superstition), so the naked stayed home. On my return, I came back to a couple of tussles with minor injuries, and lots of knocked-over items.  Just a little cleaning, wound care, TLC and a bit of separation for the night took care of it.

We are still working on harmony in the home.  We have moments where the cats are all comfortable with each other sharing the same space.  Gomi is pretty much settled in with Moshe and Lexi, even doing some grooming with Lexi at times. However, Gomi has some aggressive moments that give me pause.  Not worried about Lexi or Moshe; both have put Gomi in his place when he gets too "familiar."  YaYa, on the other hand, is still the odd cat out, although I see she wants to be part of the group.  Gomi is relentless sometimes in stalking and attacking YaYa, which makes YaYa hesitant to allow the approach of any cat in her space.  Lexi does still swipe at YaYa if she gets too close but allows YaYa on the bed to sleep with us at night.  YaYa's allergy symptoms have considerably subsided, but are still present.  I do worry about what to feed her and stay within my budget, but for now, the venison is not resulting in a rash, and I'm pleased with this. The next significant cat expense is having everyone's teeth cleaned.  February is Pet Dental Month, and for many clinics, there is a discount associated with having this done in February.  I'm still trying to negotiate the price down considering it is four cats.

Next weekend is SantaPaws (Pet Pictures). This should be fun; what could go wrong?

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