The Times, They are a Changin'

Yes, we’ve been busy.

If you follow us on our FaceBook and INSTAGRAM, we have new cats, two sphynxes (of course). I haven’t talked about them much because it is not a guarantee they will stay. We will home them over the next 90 days. If I can manage to make a troop out of my motley crew, then we can consider this their forever home. The two cats were surrendered together, and though I won’t discuss the specifics of their circumstances (for privacy, security reasons), I will post later about the issues surrounding their condition and what it's like to take on a rescue cat(s). For clarification, I gave them new names.

Sphynx Cat

Meet Gomi GoGo. Gomi is two years old, bi-colored and is a big fella (about 11.8 pounds). Gomi is playful, very affectionate, and just my luck, he talks. Gomi is expressive about his feelings (lots of grunts, growls, sighs, and coos), but not particularly aggressive. You will see more of him with Moshe Moshi; the boys get along well.

Sphynx Cat

This pretty little kitty is YaYa Tamah. She is four years old. YaYa too is bi-colored, but instead of grey is a lovely buff color. YaYa barely weights 7 pounds, but we have managed to put on a few ounces since her arrival. We are working on a skin condition due to an undiagnosed allergy. She is a little shy, and we need to work on her self-esteem, but she has her sweet moments.

two shpynx cats

Like any new arrival to an established pet home, the adjustment to new cats will take awhile. Moshe Moshi has accepted his new housemates.

Sphynx Cat

 Lexi Liu is a bit more cautious, but each day I can see a little less aggression and more curiosity.

I apologize for the delay in posting.  The decision to take on new cats was a cliche,  "spur of the moment" choice. Along with the need to prepare home for their arrival, I was doing some long put off maintenance around the house which took up most of September.  I spent most of August working on the content change for the blog. I will admit, I had struggled with this blog and subject matter.  I'm trying not to just rehash the same content you can find on better sites. I do have a subject to work on, but was concerned that it was so specific, not many could relate to it. But I have worked on researching and organizing topics and subject over the summer.  I am doing some training with apps to give my post a more professional look, and working with a Veterans group with my writing technique. You probably won’t see the change until 2018, but I’m hoping you will find our “upgrade” interesting and useful. Thank you for hanging in there with us.

Our posting for the rest of the year will continue. Though our focus will change.  Unlike with my previous incarnations, the name of the blog will not change. We will have a new look for sure. You will see more video, some guest post, reviews more relevant to our content focus and some funny stuff too. Whether Gomi and YaYa will appear depends on whether they will stay with us (I do want to keep them, cross your paws). We hope to complete most of the changes by January 2018.

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