Sleeping In - BlogPaws BlogHop 10.25.2017

Sphynx cats under blankets

This is pretty big. This is how we slept last night.  This is all four cats on the bed, together.  Okay, maybe not TOGETHER, but at the least on the same bed. They are each partitioned off by blankets (they did that, not me). Until this point, only Lexi and Moshe slept with me.  YaYa and Gomi slept together on an old cushioned chair.  After ten weeks, they are resigned to living together.  This is progress. 

Introducing cats can be a chore for sure.  With patience and kindness, cats eventually find a space in which they cat exist together.  Lexi, Moshe, Gomi, and YaYa are still not friends. Lexi is relatively tolerant of Gomi; sniffing at him, allowing him to sit next to her.  Moshe Mosh and Gomi get along great.  The two boys hang out together, play and sleep in the same space. Lexi and YaYa have not made it to the sit together phase. Come to think of it, no cat is wild about YaYa.  Each cat at some point tends to pick on her a bit; chasing her, dominance behavior. When they do just want to hang out with her, she manages to react negatively. 

That is why this picture is so special.  YaYa, despite being picked on jumped on the bed to sleep, on her own, in a place where she knew Lexi and Moshe might attack her. She wants to be a part of the group, that I'm sure.  Teaching the unit to respect personal space will be my ongoing task. 

Sphynx cat YaYa peaking out from under a blanket

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  1. You are so right about introducing cats to one another - it is a chore. Cats are always slow to warm. I hope that Ya Ya makes friends with your other kitties soon. It looks like she is well on her way to making a spot for herself. :)


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