Cat Lover’s Guide To Common Feline Diseases (Guest Post)

If you are one of the lucky millions to be a cat owner, you know the real and true joys that it can bring. Cats are very special creatures, they have their own ways about them and not everyone is a "cat" person. But if you are reading this, you probably are one of them, and you are also well aware of the benefits to ownership. For example, cats are very low maintenance pets, and except for the regular vet check-up, quality food, ample water, and some play time, they really don't require much else, and they will be perfectly satisfied in that type of environment.

Many owners have few, if any, real major health problems or issues with their kitty, but that doesn't mean that some nasty illnesses or diseases aren't lurking around. Which is why the best course of action is to arm yourself with knowledge of the common ciseases. If your cat becomes afflicted with one of them, knowing about it will allow you to be prepared to fully deal with the situation.

You'll find expert advice

When you read about the most common diseases in cats, there won't be any heresay, myths or street talk. You'll find expert advice on these maladies, and with that understanding you'll be able to make an informed decision on where to proceed next. For example, some of the things you'll learn about are Feline Urinary Tract Disease, which is one of the most common afflictions of cats, what the symptoms are, how it is treated and the approximate cost. The same information will also be available for worms, rabies, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, leukemia and others. This kind of knowledge will go a long way in recognizing symptoms, planning a vet visit and factoring in the cost for treatments. It gives you a serious heads-up so that you can make a valid judgment on the situation and what you want, or need, to do about it.

Your kitty depends on you

Everyone wants their precious little fur ball to remain happy and healthy for the long haul, and that goes without saying. Which is wahy having a bit of insight into common diseases will keep your tabby purring for many years to come.

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