Naked Cat Confessions - Protest is American

Lexi Liu in Protest

Lexi is protesting. She doesn't much like the new cats and resents their presence, thinking that they will take her place in the order of things around this house. Of course, this is not true, and I can only try to make her comfortable with the situation. Hopefully, she will come around. Naked Cat problems.

Other protests are going on around the country. The NFL, NBA, Baseball players and other athletes are taking a knee, abstaining or not standing with heads bowed and no hands over hearts during the National Anthem. It is said amongst some that this protest is disrespectful to our military and first responders. As a Veteran and a former first responder, I can honestly say you only disrespect me if you don't envoke the actions your freedom that being an American affords you.

 When I joined the Army 37 years ago, right before I put on the uniform, I took an oath. I put my name and my life to it. , "I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same...." There is certainly more to that oath, but there is a reason the Constitution came first in that oath. Above any one person, community or state, the promise put forth in that document are so powerful and so unique to the rest of the world that it above all else must be protected, even and especially if it called for my life to do it.

I didn't volunteer for military service to gain your respect, your love or your agreement with my political, religious or personal views on liberty. I joined to protect your liberty. I didn't put forth a litmus test where I decided I would defend you if only you agree with me. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as a right of being human is so precious and so rare amongst other places on this planet, it was and still is worth my sacrifice.

If you don't vote your conscience, you disrespect me. If you stay silent in the face of tyranny, bigotry, inequality, and denial of due process, you disrespect me. If your support of my service and the sacrifice of a million or more over the past 240+ years is based primarily on whether we share the same G*d, color, sex, gender or political party, you don't give a shit about military, veterans or first responders. Just saying you support the troops puts on a good show but is meaningless.  If you invoke me only to promote your political ideology but fail to do anything to improve my healthcare, ensure my benefits, provide a path for me to return to civilian life to support my family or, don't do all that is required to support the families devastated by my death in service, you care nothing for me. The U.S. Constitution only lives and remains when all Americans are free to act upon it, as a free people, all of us. Don't settle for cliche bullshit like "We're #1." We are the greatest nation only if we live our ideals, not when we shame other for doing so.

I don't know you (reader), but I would die for you if it meant you would be free.

You're welcome.

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