Growing Pains

Did you miss us? We miss you. If you follow us on INSTAGRAM or FaceBook, you know that our family has grown a bit. Just a few days ago I adopted two Sphynx cats; Gomi GoGo and Yaya Tamah. Yes, all of my cats must have two names.

Sphynx Cats
Gomi GoGo & YaYa Tamah
This being a very new situation, their permanence is predicated on everyone's ability to get along. However, I have long patience where introductions are concerned, and I don’t foresee any difficulty in the introductions. I will write more about them and the experience of introducing new cats, finding a Vet, leash training, Stroller training in later posts.

You will also see a design change on the blog. Every couple of years we update the appearance of the blog, and I think we are due. I haven’t decided if our new additions will appear in the banner (I am still interviewing illustrators), but they will be seen throughout the pages. No grand changes in content, but we will focus more on our pet themes, (raw diets, allergy lifestyle). The one significant change we will implement is we are becoming more breed specific. Because I will be speaking more on pets and allergies, our product reviews will be about how this product affects allergies. We are a blog that talks about Sphynx cats for obvious reasons. But note, our product reviews will also include breeds commonly owned by people with pet allergies. You will see more video, more on-location post; hopefully, our new cartoon (working on it), and of course Naked Cat confessions will still appear on Mondays.

I hope you enjoy our update and reading about my growing, naked family.


  1. Congratulations on your new babies. I hope you have an easy time of assimilating them into the household. Looking forward to lots of pictures of all 4 of them.

  2. Such cuties, I look forward to more posts with them.


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