Do it Yourself Raw Feeding

The absolute best way to figure out how to make your pet food is to find someone who is doing it already.  They can tell you the pros and cons, where to get your ingredients, and where to make your adjustments in formulating your pet food needs.

Feline Nutrition Foundation is the excellent resource for raw feeding cats.  You can read about Recipes, advice, industry news, and subjects related to raw pet food, like dental disease, kidney disease, and vaccines.  The website link is in the name, but you should also like their FB page for information in real time.

Two other sites on FaceBook also provide useful information:  CATS: Raw Diet Fur-ever!!! is a group of cat owners and cat breeders, Veterinarians and rescue organizations, all posting their experiences with raw feeding.  Have a question about raw food?  Have a question about getting your cat to eat raw food? Just post and there are plenty of members ready to give you the advice you need.

The Lazy Raw Feeder is a new FaceBook group that might have a link to Darwin's (not sure of this), but the information is sound.  See links to articles and videos from Veterinarians promoting the raw lifestyle.

If you do decide to make your pet food, I will give this recommendation about where to get your meat, or rather not to get it.  If you are feeding poultry or fish, the grocery store can be a resource to get your meat (on the bone).  If you are feeding red meat, however, find a butcher shop or preferably consider purchasing mixes and grinds from the pet store.  My personal caution has to do with the length of time from farm to grocery store shelf, the gluing of meat (google that) and factory farming.  Too long of a conversation for this post.  The mixes and grinds for pet foods are formulated for pet feeding.  The muscle and organ meat are in the nutritionally recommended proportions.  It is easy to add more elements as your pet's diet requires it.  Both Primal and Bravo offer grinds. I don't recommend any grinds made by companies selling dry kibbles like Blue Buffalo or cooked meat like Fresh Pet.

Dry mixes; Honest Kitchen sells a very nutritional dry mix.  Primal, Bravo, Nature's Variety and Sojos are my favorites.  There may be other recommendations of companies that are regional to your area, which is way raw feeding groups are valuable resources of information.

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