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I am always in search of what is best for my cats.  Best bedding, best medications, Veterinarian, stroller, etc.  Given the health issues I have had with my cats, Food is at the top of that list.  But like every pet owner, the search for what is best is tempered with time and money.  I manage to budget for most everything, but I'm not Einstein, I can't create a new theory of space and time hat will afford me more of it.

Darwin's has been a convenient option for me.  I started my service with a sample pack, enough food to feed the cats for about two weeks for less than $15! A month later, I set up how much food I need based on species and weight.  I chose the proportion of meats I wanted (cat food comes in Duck, Turkey, and Chicken).  I gave them a credit card, and it arrives automatically every five weeks (they ship on week five). If I'm out of town or if I have too much food, I can skip a shipment.

The meat is freshly ground, then packed into ½ pound perforated packets grouped at two pounds. The mix of ingredients is specific and appropriate for the species; no grains,   or fillers, hormones or preservatives, just muscle, bone, organ meat, added vitamins (pure carnivore).  The birds are human grade from Free-range farms. The meat is flash frozen immediately after the grind.  Shipments come directly to your door, boxed in dry ice.  They even have a free return label to send back the box and styrofoam for recycling.

Darwin's Pet Food
Feeding is easy; just unthaw and feed.  I warm the food by heating my cat's plates and adding a little warm water to the food.  You are not supposed to cook it.  However, I'll admit to nuking it for 15 seconds in the microwave just to take the chill off when I've forgotten to unthaw a pack the night before.

My cats love it.  Two years ago when I started feeding Darwin's the cats ate well, but I wondered if they enjoyed what they ate.  They devour Darwin's with gusto and lick the plate clean, something they never did with any previous food.  Since feeding Darwins, my cats have no desire for people food.  They will turn their nose up to deli or cooked meat. Their weight stays stable, and even, skin is healthy, poop is small and nearly odorless.  Moshe Moshi has had no IBS/IBD symptoms since eating Darwin's and both cats lab work from annual physical exams are perfect.  And speaking of medical issues, Darwin's offers a prescription mix.  This service requires a prescription from your Vet, and the food is formulated for specific medical needs, like Kidney or Irritable Bowel diseases.

Whether you are a newbie or have made your pet food, we think Darwin's is the next best thing. If you have a question about raw feeding and my experience with Darwin's, please email us, anytime.

*Note - This was a sponsored post, in part.  I was already preparing to do a series on raw feeding when I was contacted by a representative of the conmpany (they found us on INSTAGRAM). They did not know at that time I was doing another raw feeding series or that I was already Darwin's customer. We did inform them of this, and though we would have given the same advice, accepted compensated for this recommendation.

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