Misconceptions about Raw Feeding

Cat and Lion Hat from Simply Sphynx
I had a huge post for this title and couldn't stop adding more and more to it.  I was bordering on ranting after 2000 words before I deleted all of it.  This is my best attempt to keep this short and straightforward. Here are my Top three misconceptions about raw feeding.

Raw Feeding is dangerous.

You can Google “Raw Pet Food Concerns” and what will show are reports of the presence of Salmonella in places where pet food is manufactured.  Despite the reports (which I think is a valid concern), there has yet to be a raw food recall or reported illness in pet or people tied to wet raw food.  There have been instances associated with freeze-dried pet food.

Most incidences of Salmonella poisoning happens when people eat or handle raw food (both vegetable and meat), without proper preparation.  It is a myth that Dogs and Cats are not susceptible to Salmonella, and yes, they can pass that on to people.  Their digestive systems are better equipped to handle pathogens from carrion.  The likelihood of pet to people transmission, though not impossible, is remote.  Reduce your risk by washing your hands before and after food handling. This includes handling freeze-dried raw.  Wipe counter surfaces with disinfectant wipes and also on the floor after your pet eats.  You also could not kiss your pet at the mouth.  Anecdotally, I have been raw feeding my pets for three years. They lick me, and I kiss them all the time. I have yet to become ill.

Raw Feeding is Expensive

I use to pay as much as $5.00 and as low as $1.50 for canned food per cat each day.  When I fed kibble, it was $20 for each cat a month. All in all, the kibble was cheaper. What cost me more was the health problems associated with feeding my cats in this way.  Dental issues, digestion problems, and a ton of cleaning and litter odor products to cover up the smell, that was where my money went.

My food bill now is about $2.20 a day for both cats, including raw frozen, freeze-dried food and treats.  A friend of mine who makes her food pays about 30 cents a day per cat. Feeding my cats this way has reduced if not eliminated the health and cleaning cost I once incurred.

Raw Feeding is a Gimmick.

The research on raw feeding is not new.  Offering raw food in variety and commercially is new.  I won't go into the history of pet food other than to say the commercial advent of pet food, in general, has been both a gain and a loss for pets.  For cats specifically, most products shorten cat lives due to lack of essential nutrients like Taurine.  Manufacturing on a large scale also presents a risk to our pets. I'm noting the incidents of poisoning pets through pet food made overseas with less regulation. American conglomerates have also had issues with quality control.  The law falls far short of protecting pet food by increasing its regulation.  However, the market has also created opportunities for smaller, private companies. These companies have presented greater oversite to not only the quality of the manufacturing process but also the quality of the product itself.  Human grade meats, fewer grains,  eliminating artificial preservatives,  greater attention into animal biology, all contribute to better pet health and nutrition.        

In the end, what you believe is up to you.  For my part, I'm asking you to consider moving past your distrust and fear of something new.  Take a chance on promoting better health in your pets by providing a food choice that I believe is compatible with your pet's biology. If you have a pet that is an herbivore, you feed it better vegetables consistent with its origins and biology.  The same would be true of omnivores and carnivores.  My cat's biology is no different from its wild cousins.  I have little lions, and I will feed them appropriately in kind.


  1. You make some good points about raw food!! I love that hat!

  2. Some very interesting points. I'll admit, I have never checked it out. Maybe I should.
    Yael from PlayingInCatnip.com


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