Let's Talk About the Raw Marketplace

Open wide.
Hello, naked fans. This week on the blog, we're going to talk about the raw feeding marketplace.  I read and heard from people on the internet saying how complicated, expensive, dangerous and work intensive raw feeding can be.  All of these common misconceptions disappear by being a savvy and well-informed consumer.

I have posted previously about what constitutes a raw diet. There is information on the net (both neutral and some political) that provides more details; I will provide links to several on the last post of the series. What I will not do is try to convince you that raw is the best.  Rather, for those of you that are considering raw feeding, I can provide some information about your options in the marketplace.

There are two primary ways to feed your pet a raw diet. You can purchase the food ready to eat, or you can make it yourself. Even within those two choices, there are some variations, and we will speak on this also. This series will include:

  • Dispelling Myths about Raw Feeding
  • Frozen Raw
  • Mail Delivery- *Darwins.'
  • Do-it-yourself from scratch or Partial Assist

Posts will appear in the order stated above.  The series starts on July 5,  2017, and will post every Wednesday in July. If you have questions about the series topics, please select this email link to submit.

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