Day at the Meow-seum

On Sunday, I loaded up the stunt doubles and took a visit to the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art, at the Reynold’s Center in Washington DC. The Lawrence A. Fleischman Gallery is presenting an exhibit, Before Internet Cats: Feline Finds from the Archives of American Art. The exhibit is on display until October.

The exhibit features photographs, painting, drawing, and lithographs of feline fancy over the century. As an added bonus to the exhibit, the Cat Hustler, an area feline advocate greeted visitors with a special guest, Coco the Couture Cat, the world’s most fashionable Feline. The visitors were enchanted by Coco (of course, who wouldn’t be?), and Coco was eager to meet her fans.

The Cat Hustler invited attendees to a luncheon at the Dodge City Bar in the Cordova section of District of Columbia. We were gifted with a swag bag of excellent variety (will look at the back in detail later this week).

 It was warm, but not humid day and a good time were had by all. Thank Cat Hustler to an enjoyable Sunday afternoon.

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