Fatigued Cartooning

I am exhausted.

Today, it's a good kind of tired.  Lately, I've attended several workshops made available to Veterans and their families provided through a program called Armed Services Arts Partnership, or ASAP (America and its Acronyms). Artists volunteer their time to teach painting, stand-up comedy, writing, and stagecraft.  The workshops I have attended all have to do with writing.  Today it was writing and cartooning, led by Cartoonist Jess Ruliffson. Before the vision loss, I was a not too shabby pen & ink person. My diagnosis years ago lead me to give up the craft, but I've always missed doing it.  I don't know that I will try to find a way to draw again, but the idea of a cartoon has been with me every since I started blogging. New tech and bigger ideas may still produce one by me in the future.

I took the stunt doubles with me for inspiration. They were well received, although I'm sure I got some weird looks too (not that I could see it). I was a good class, and I hope to put all those ideas in my head to ink some day.

After class, I had a nice dinner with a friend downtown and picked up some treats for the kidz.

Cats fed and I chores done, I thought I'd sit and write a little, but I am suddenly beat. This may be a good evening to go to bed early. After all, I have to rest up for Bath Day tomorrow.

Hello, Lexi.  Good night all. 

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