30 Foods And 470 Plants To Never Feed Your Cat (GP)

When cat parents find a food that their kitty will eat, it's time to stock up the pantry with kitty chow. She's satisfied; so if it isn’t broke, don't fix it. 

But then you realize your cat has been eating the same thing for months and you think, "well, a little bit of a treat won't hurt her, she must need SOME variety." 

But wait!

Do you know what foods and plants are dangerous for your cats, and which are safe?

And never mind purposefully feeding your cat a "naughty" treat once in awhile, what about the stuff that might just be out and about, that your cute cat might accidentally get into?

As a responsible cat parent, you need to keep quite a few different foods and plants out of reach if you don't want to be making any emergency trips to the vet.

This handy infographic from Catological, originally featured on their article here, lists 30 foods and 470 different plants that could be dangerous to feed your cat.

Some are insanely obvious (tobacco, alcohol, caffeine), but did you know that things like milk, fish, nuts, and grapes could cause some serious trouble, too? 

For your cat's well-being, please make sure you study this list and only provide healthy cat food that is high in meat content and low in filler!

Infographic Gust Post brought to you by Catological.com.
Emily Parker runs Catological, a blog dedicated to helping cat parents love their kitties better. She has lived in both dog and cat homes, and is excited to introduce a new dog to her family (which includes 2 cats) in the coming year.

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