The Mystery of the Wasting House-Cats

I usually do a complete posting of News articles on Thursdays of cat-themed stories.  This one is a bit long, so I have provided the link to this story about the increase of Hyperthyroidism in Cats for your review.  From the New York Times, this is the first paragraph: 

“Most days, the back room of the Animal Endocrine Clinic in Manhattan is home to half a dozen cats convalescing in feline luxury. They lounge in their own individual “condos,” each equipped with a plush bed, a raised perch and a cozy box for hiding. Classical music plinks softly from speakers overhead. A television plays cat-friendly videos — birds chirping, squirrels scampering. Patients can also tune in to the live version: A seed-stuffed bird feeder hangs directly outside each window.” - By EMILY ANTHES 

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