Spring Time for Moshe Moshi & Lexi Liu

I have a love /hate relationship withSpring.  Having seasonal allergies makes this season particularly hard for me to breathe well, day or night.  However, it is pretty, especially here in Washington DC.

The Cherry Blossoms survived the freeze, and though the bloom is not the best, it is still quite beautiful.  I love the smell of spring flowers. Climate change has certainly affected the transition from winter to summer, not having much of comfortable temperatures, but the days have been warm.

The Cats miss those sunny days and are ready to be out of the house.  I hope to take them out more this year. Not to go anyplace in particular, but just to hang out around town. And of course, now that Amtrak allows pet travel, we want to extend outings to places like Philadelphia and New York City.

I'm sure they are up for new adventures this year.

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