Destiny - BlogPaws BlogHop 3-29-17

I may be a bit more on the Forrest Gump side in relating to destiny. But, part of life is going forth to either seek, fulfill, find or realize that which has been the existential quandary from the beginning of all humankind. I do I have a destiny? If I do, part of that future includes writing.  Whether or not I will learn to do it well remains to be seen.

I fight every day to silence the voice that tells me not to bother trying or to do something else. Though I have always wanted to write, I also have found the process difficult from childhood to the present. That distracting voice has always been with me, and I have taken its advice in the past, but I always seem to come back to writing.  I liken it to an infatuation I can’t let go. I have questioned at moments if I care for this enough to continue. I’m not sure I have answered.  I guess I first have to ask myself why I am writing.  I'm sure when I can respond to that question, I will know my destiny.

Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: Own Your Destiny   

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  1. I'm glad that you found writing and I hope that you are able to do more of it. It is interesting how it seems like we are all made for particular jobs in life. I find that in my life too. Keep writing!


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