On My Way Home

Hello, Friends.

I will be returning home soon as my training at the Eastern Blind Rehab Center is complete.  Like I said previously, I’m getting new glasses and some updated computer equipment out of the deal, along with peace of mind about the condition of my eyesight.  I’ll get to return to work on Monday, but before that, I will bring home my beloved naked cats. I have missed them terribly.

The absence of my cats made sleeping, eating and laughing in the course of a day more challenging and far less exciting.  I never thought I would miss hot cats sleeping on my head or my being prompting by sandpaper kisses and low-pitched meows to get up and make breakfast, but I do.  From the looks of the videos FurryDance B&B have sent me while I was here in Connecticut, they’ve faired well without me.  I was pleased however that they did respond to my voice over FaceTime.  I may have to invest in an interactive treat gizmo after all.

It will be awhile before my new equipment arrives, so posting will still be intermittent. I am looking forward to using my new technology and growing the blog.  There are projects I wanted to do that were difficult to work on without access to better tech.  I'm sure this will lead to new horizons for me.

Thank you, taxpayer.

Post Script -  just in case you wanted to see the kids...


  1. It would be so hard to be away from the kitties! I'm glad that you will get to be with them again soon. I'm sure they miss you too. I hope that your new glasses and equipment work out well for you. :)

  2. Best of everything to you as you rest, recuperate and get the answers you need. I'll keep you in my thoughts. And I'll wait for the day you're back with your cats! I'm sure they miss you just as much as you miss them.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  3. It was a pleasure caring for your kitties, and I even let them give me sandpaper kisses, too!


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