To Lose a Veterinarian

About two weeks before Hanukkah, Moshe Moshi’s long-time Veterinarian, Patricia Kriemelmeyer died.  I’ve struggled to write what was going to be two posts for the blog.  One post was to be about the Vet/pet-owner relationship, the other about Vet shopping.  Though I am still developing these posts, writing and connecting them to Pat’s absence and death, seem sterile and detached.  I didn’t want to make her death a side note or a minor element in the topics. It’s not that Pat and I were bosom buds, but I like I hope most develop a close relationship with those that care for you and your loved ones.  I don’t know that your Vet would be outside of that construct.   

I won’t eulogize “Dr. K” as she was called by countless pet parents in Takoma Park, MD for over 30 years on this blog.  Nor will I invite an invasion of her privacy by speaking of her career.  But, given that we shared in the health and well-being of five of my six cats I needed to acknowledge our relationship and what she meant to me.

Pat cared for my pets well.  She was funny, forthright, bossy, and if you fucked up with something having to do with your pet, she would have no issue reading you the Riot Act.  It’s probably why I liked her, I could count on her honesty.  We did not always agree on treatments or diets.  I know that sounds strange to have someone praise a doctor and not agree with them on everything.  However, that element is what worked for us.  We both looked at my cats care as a partnership, not a dictatorship. She was there to help me make decisions on care, by email or phone call, 24/7. It took a while to develop our relationship, and I hope I can have the same with another Veterinary. 

You are missed, Pat.  Thank you and good-bye.  

Her family members had people instead of sending flowers make donations to FEEL YOUR BOOBIES. Totally like her.  

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  1. I am so sorry for the loss of her. She sounds like a wonderful human being, and vet. I have developed a friendship with my vet, which I had not done before with any vet. It is a unique and special connection because of exactly the reasons you mention. I am hoping someone as special as Pet enters you and your babies lives agin very soon.


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