Seeing Differently

So here I am at the West Haven Veterans Hospital in Connecticut. I was here twenty years ago to do the same thing I am doing here now, having to do with my vision and technology.  The place hasn't changed much in 20 years.

The doctors have checked my vision. Other than the scar on my macular, my eyes are pretty healthy.  I am glad.  My concern was that a shift in my vision was an indication that the disease was progressing or that I had a new eye disorder \ condition.  It turns out I may just be trying to read too much.  They were able to provide me with glasses for general wear, computer glasses, and sunglasses (all prescription). Corrective Prescription glasses were not available to me 20 years ago.  Though it won't give me 20\20 vision, it will help me see better.

I do miss the kidz.

Moshe Moshi and Lexi Liu are staying at the FurryDance B&B with our friend, Teri while I'm away. I have trouble sleeping without those hot, naked bodies.  The cats, on the other hand, are doing GREAT without me! Of course, I did not want them sad and miserable without me.  They like Teri, but I am a little hurt (naked ingrates).

Along with testing my eyesight, I am here to learn how to use a Mac Computer with accessibility technology.  I am creating this blog post on a Mac computer.  Once I'm able to get comfortable with my lessons, I will come home, hopefully with a computer.


That's all for now.  I'll keep in touch. 

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