On the Road Not Naked

I have come to the conclusion that I am rather attached to my cats.  I know what you’re thinking, “You write a cat blog Captain Obvious.” Considering that one fact alone, I guess it is that obvious.  The reason why this fact escaped my perception is that I’ve not been without their presence consistently for about 10 years. 

Typically, when I travel the cats go with me.  I only stay in pet-friendly hotels.  If I was going to be out of town for more than a weekend, only stayed with friends or relatives that would let me bring them.  Now that I can take them on Amtrak as well as planes having them with me makes the journey worth the effort, when I can make it work.

This time it won’t work.

I am going out of state to a training facility that doesn’t allow pets while in the program.  I did look into either staying at a hotel separate from the program or boarding them someplace I could visit every day or two, but neither option was viable.  What’s a cat mom to do?

If your cat does not do well out of its familiar environment, a service like Rover.com or Fetch! might be a good fit.  You can arrange for a sitter to not only feed your cat but spend some quality time with them.  My friend’s Sitter even took in the mail and put out the garbage for her.   Companies cost will vary, some fixed fees and some on sliding fee scale.  Make sure the company you use is bonded and that they background check their contractors.

Some Veterinary Clinics like Just Cats Clinic in Reston, Virginia provide boarding services.  With the added factor of a facility being a pet clinic or hospital, this might be preferred if your pet has medications or needs to be monitored.  Some private boarding services are attached or have working relationships with nearby Veterinary Clinics, and it’s a good idea to ask how they handle emergencies.  Also for private boarding, ask to see the facility where your pet will be housed.  If they don’t allow that, turn and walk away.

If you have someone, you can trust to care for your furry (or naked) kidz, and you believe your friendship will survive after the experience, then ask a friend.  You know who you can depend on, and a familiar face can reduce the stress your cat will feel with you being away.

In their absence, I will be taking their stunt doubles with me, I need the comfort.  If you do decide to board or have your cat anyplace other than your home, make sure to bring along things with familiar smells like blankets or toys.  For boarding, check with the facility first.  Some boarding facilities for reasons of sanitation, environmental control or liability will not allow you to do so.  Also if you can bring your cat's litter box and/or litter, their regular food and treats, and write down the schedule/routine. Try to keep thing as regular as possible.

I will post about my trip and time away from Moshe Moshi and Lexi Liu and I'm sure FurryDance B&B will post about them too.

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  1. You'll probably survive. I'm contemplating 10 days without my faithful companions. Of course I'm headed off with beach prospects and the prospect of walking on a beautiful beach sans pups is just a little unnerving. But I'll probably survive. Maybe my uncle and aunt will loan me a dog......


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