Resolved to Do It - BlogPaws BlogHop 12-28-16

Like every year, I try not to present specific goals.  It’s not that I don’t have goals, I have plenty.  It’s just that life has a way of derailing plans and instead of being depressed by my failure to fulfill goals, I just do away with specifics.  My major goal is to do better in all things.

There is a saying that says you don’t wait for the courage to jump, you just be afraid and jump anyway. I have no idea who said that bullshit, but I’m going with it anyway.  I found much to be unhappy about in 2016, but also some things to be pretty pleased about. The cats are doing great.  We had a year of good health, fun times and a well-deserved vacation together (BlogPaws 2016 was incredible). Amtrak allows pets on board so we can plan those short trips to Philadelphia, Williamsburg, New York (mostly NY). My mother’s health, as well as my family,  is safe, I’m attending to some personal needs I’ve put off.  I got a promotion at my job, I still have a job, still, have shelter and food.  I’m not in the place I want to be, but being here is not so bad.

In February, I can start working on projects I wanted to do but could not this past year. It starts with a visit to West Haven Veterans Administration Hospital (I will explain that in two weeks) and despite the mood of the country with the incoming administration, looking forward to growth in all that I do…any another cat, I might get another cat. I'm hopeful either way. Everything starts with hope. 

If you are reading this post, you have survived 2016.  It’s all looking up from here. 


  1. Resolutions don't mix well with me, but like you said - if I live to see 2017 - I'm blessed

  2. "You just be afraid and jump anyway" - I don't know who wrote that but I guess it's good advice. I hope you have a fantastic 2017!


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