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When I was a child, getting a holiday card was the best thing about the holidays for me. My sisters and I would collect all the cards sent to my parents, put them on a string and wrap them around the tree and tape them to windows. 

When I was in the Army, I was stationed in some pretty remote places.  I wasn't particularly religious and never went home for the holidays, but at the season, I would receive care packages and holiday cards from friends and strangers.   The sentiment didn’t matter to me too much, but the cards were fun to read, and it was nice to be remembered.  That stuck with me, and when I finished my career and settled back home, I always made it a point to send out cards, hopefully, to do for the recipient what getting one in the mail did for me. 

I use to make my cards each by hand, first out of my need to be creative, but later it evolved into a bit of competition among my friends. 

Over time, some of my friends have gone the way of internet cards.  I did too, but not for the winter holidays. It’s easier and far cheaper to just email out an image, and I don’t know that many people are into this tradition (card sales decline every year).  Despite the changing traditions, I still continue to mail out cards every year. Just wouldn’t feel like December without them.

My cats became a regular part of my tradition the first holiday after Jake and Maus came to live with me. I won a local contest with an altered image of Moshe Moshi and from that point on continue to feature just them on the card. 

Last year was Lexi Liu’s first card.  Lexi Liu didn’t much understand why the photographer was clicking at her and kept trying to see why the camera kept making noises, but we did manage to get a usable image of my two remaining cats to set for prosperity. 

I am working on the card for 2016.  The clothes are ready, and I am working on the style as we speak.  Emotionally, I’m having a hard time. The first thing I decide on when making a card is the theme, and this time was not different.  I was trying to feature compassion as the topic this year, but I see so little compassion in the world right now the words for the card are lost to me.  Not sure yet what I will do to overcome my writer’s block on this, but since Hanukkah doesn’t start until Christmas night, I have some time to work it out. I’ll just have to rely on what's most important to me.

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