Naked Cat Confessions – Gluttony

Though we enjoyed every bit of it (I am an excellent cook), it was too much food.  I should feel more guilty about the total lack of self-restraint, indeed.  I’ll have to move more and compensate for the added calories.  I’ll do that from now until Hanukkah (why be unrealistic). Thanksgiving is such an indulgent holiday, and the rush for Christmas sales doesn't help. I feel kind of weird not volunteering on Thanksgiving Day.  Mom is doing better, and I plan to volunteer for Christmas if I can find a group to participate with for that weekend.  

The naked kidz received a small portion of cooked turkey and a little banana pudding.  Cooked food will sometimes unsettle Moshe Moshi’s stomach, so I have to be careful when I let him eat people food, which is rare. Lexi Liu seems to have an iron gut, but still, she too rarely is allowed to eat people food. They did eat more than is usual for them, since they received tons of treats from family members and visitors.
 All had a good time. We hope your holiday was as successful.

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