Leavin' On a Jet Plane

So I hear all of this talk about leaving the United States and immigrating to another country. Number one, immigration is not an easy task anywhere around the planet. Besides, what would you do with your beloved pet? Depending on what breed of animal you have, you may have to abandon Fido and Fluffy. 

Fear not – if you are intent on leaving this sinking ship of country and Canada runs out of room, consider a move to these places:

In the Netherlands, it is a commonplace for people to take their dogs into public areas such as restaurants, cafes, and shops. You can even buy a dog ticket to take your best friend on the train for a few Euros. But most interestingly, the Netherlands has laws on the books to prevent people from owning dogs if they have any criminal records – meaning the Netherlands looks out for the dogs just as much as they do for the owners.

Austria has become a leader in anti-cruelty laws, giving it a spot on this list. In Austria, it is illegal to sell puppies or kittens in pet stores – notoriously used for puppy mill products. Austrians are also not permitted to restrain dogs with chains, choke collars, or invisible fences, and it is illegal to clip ears and tails — presumably to curb dog fighting rings.

The Japanese love dogs so much they spurred an article titled “Why Japan Prefers Pets to Parenthood.” Japan’s pet industry is estimated to be worth around $10 billion with things like exclusive pet resorts, doggy yoga classes and designer clothes for doggies. One man in the article above named his pup something that translates to “Firstborn son

Other countries do well by pets. However, if you have difficulty with the politics in this country, going aboard may not fare any better. Send us a postcard!

From the website AKF insider.

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