Surviving the Election Season

I am having a love/ hate relationship with politics this year.  I am not registered with either party and have over my lifetime voted both Republican and Democrat.  I have always been sure of the issues and made an effort to understand how a candidate's view of the world affects me. I've always felt secure at the end of an election because no matter how contentious the election season, whether or not my candidate won or lost, I was secure in the smooth transition of power, until now of course.

I'm sure the cats are starting to sense my angst here lately.  They have done everything they could to keep me calm while watching debates or listening to the news.  They try to distract me when either candidate is mentioned on TV/ Radio. They force me for head rubs, butt scratching, and treats. They sit on my chest and hold my stare, lick my face and talk to me. I hope my insecurity is not making them feel neglected. It's working on me.  My cats do a great job of soothing me.  I could use several more to keep me chill every day, everywhere.

Hopefully, in 19 days this political season will be just a bad memory and not the face of things to come. It has to; I'm running out of popcorn, and I don't have room for many more cats.

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