Naked Cat Confessions - Power

I pay the bills for my cats, so I own them. I don't need to respect them. My power over them gives me the right to grab pussy whenever I want. Donald Trump believes that his money, celebrity, and power gives him the right to grab pussy whenever he wants, and he doesn't have to respect anyone. 

I'd like to think that my time with my cats has given me some perspective on what my power over them means.  I pay the bills because I'm responsible for them and they are my pets.  That truth sets the tone of our relationship.  Women are not pets. I'm not comparing women to pets, but Donald Trump doesn't seem to grasp the difference. That's what it means to objectify people.  Don't judge Trump for what he did 11 years ago, but rather what he continues to do since then.  To grope a woman without her consent is not playful or manly, it's an assault. It's a crime.

I am not running for office to enact legislation affecting women, people with disabilities, immigrants or military personnel. 

Donald Trump is.

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