You Don't Own Me

Far be it from me to tell any female, regardless of species, single, widowed or married how to present themselves to males.  We own our bodies and have a right to subject ourselves to whatever or whoever, however we choose. To be male does not give you dominion or ownership of any female or her person.  To promote a just society, one must evolve to both believe and subscribe to personal freedom as a human right.

That being said,

Moshe Moshi was feeling a both a little cold (I had the fan on High) and lonely this morning.  This level of access is as far as Lexi Liu would allow.  I almost felt sorry for him.


  1. Poor Moshe Moshi! At least his head was warm. :)

  2. He is polite, unlike my Sphynx who just barges in regardless of the consequences of crushing the occupant!


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