Fighting for Time

I am tremendously busy right now. Between hiring for the new National Museum of African American History and Culture, fiscal year-end tasks, scheduling cats, mom's and my doctor appointments, preparing the house for Fall/Winter and prepping for the new year (Jewish New Year), I have had no time to write any of substance. I am doing this post at work before I dive into a stack of new employee paperwork. Maybe Congress should shut down the government so I can get some rest.  Oh wait; I need my paycheck, DANG!

Despite the busy work, we are all okay. The cats are going to get Heart scanned in two weeks and will accompany Coco the Couture Cat to the Central Pennsylvania Pet Expo the following weekend.  For sure we will write about both events. Mon is doing better, using a walker and out of her wheelchair.  I am trying to take care of some long-neglected medical issues of my own (nothing life threatening), and I think I will write about that later too.

I hope to have a lull here soon and can get back to a routine.  The kidz say "Hey/ Meow" to their fans.

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