Picking up a Hook Again

I am starting back to fiber work again.  I didn’t stop completely.  I get the occasional request for a baby blanket or a request fro help with a project.  I stopped because it wasn’t fun anymore, not since Maus died.

There was a time when I carried a project on me like some would carry their keys; I always had to have it with me.  As I look back, I picked up crocheting again after not doing much of it since I was a kid about the same time I adopted Jake and Maus. Maus LOVED my yarn.  She fetched runaway yarn balls and at times buried herself in bins. I had to watch Jake, he just loved to chew on it.  I made clothes for Jake and Maus in those early days, and the craft, much like having the cats around was both fun and meditative. I do miss those moments, I miss them.

It’s been a year for Jake and two for Maus and mourning for them has eased, and I feel I can pick up the yarn habit again. Though Moshe Moshi and Lexi Liu don’t share the Rexes fascination for my hobby, I’m sure I’ll love it just the same.

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  1. Hugs - and I'm so glad to see you pick this up again. Everything has its season ....


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