Bless the Child - Words for Wednesday

I am fortunate to be in touch with the catteries from where I adopted Lexi Liu.  I get valuable breed information as well as see the other beautiful cats in their care.  Two catteries, one in South Africa where Lexi was born and one in Virginia where I adopted Lexi will at time trade breeding cats.  It is essential to keeping the gene pool varied and healthy (that's how Lexi Liu came to the U.S.).  Recently the cattery in Virgina welcomes Disal Churchill from South Africa.  It turns out he is one of Lexi's sons.  He is a handsome boy, round-faced and stout like his mom.  Welcome to America Mr. Churchill!


  1. What a beautiful cat! I'm glad to hear that this cattery takes such great care in breeding their cats. I hope that Mr. Churchill enjoys being in the United States. :)

  2. Wow, that is so cool that they came from so far away. They sure look a lot alike.

  3. Mr. Churchill is certainly a world traveler. Welcome to the states!


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