Weekend Reflection

We had a lazy weekend. We are about two weeks and a couple of days from Phoenix, and I did a preliminary packing to see where I need to add and where I need to draw back. I'm pretty good so far for both. Next weekend I will finalize all list, and then on the 18th, I will start final packing.

I didn't have much to say on the blog today. I've been distracted, and I guess the naked kidz sensed it. I needed to walk them but didn't much feel like it. I don't make much political commentary on the blog, not because I don't have opinions, but rather don't think I write eloquently enough to say my thoughts in a way that most people would understand or take something useful from the words. However, many of my childhood icons and heroes have been passing away lately and honestly it is making me feel a little...old...sad...melancholy.

Muhammed Ali had died, and my thoughts have mostly been with him and the kid I was when he was boxing. If not for Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard (Ray Charles is a high-school friend, an Olympic Gold Medal winner, and welterweight champion) I wouldn't even care much for boxing and since the two retired haven't watched a match. He (Ali) was so much more to my life than a boxer. He was pride and defiance in the face of racism and intolerance. For a bi-racial kid who is not a Christian struggling with others defining who I was rather than the other way around, that was/is important. Whether he won or lost, he was always true to who he was; he was always the Greatest. No boxer before or after has matched him. Maybe it was from remembering that experience that I paid particular attention to the outcome of the Miss American Pageant this year. Deshaun Barber who is Miss District of Columbia was the winner. She is an Army Officer and an Engineer. The third Miss DC to win, she is the first African-American; the other two were white. The race of these women as a point of pride or contention is of no importance, but considering that it had only been in my lifetime that non-whites were allowed to represent DC in a pageant was not lost on me.

I'm looking forward to a time where the term "the first * ever" is no longer of any consequence. I am looking forward to people not being afraid of each other. We all want happiness. Intolerance only breeds strife, and I only see too much of it today.

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