Not Kadosh, but Holey None the Less

A member on the Facebook group The Sphynx Cat Club had posted a half joking/ half honest complaint about her new Sphynx’s habit of placing her butt close to its owner’s face and being a bit grossed out by it. Of course this is a habit not exclusive to Sphynx; all breeds of cat do this behavior. I guess it’s just with Sphynx cats it is fully exposed while being in your face; the naughty bits, the pooper, the balls, the happy place…genitalia for the grown folks. My response to the post was “Having a Sphynx is the best way to give up silly human notions like vanity and clothes without holes.”

I have had holes in my clothing for so long I have forgotten what life was like before it. I have managed to keep most holes from my work clothing by putting on my clothes right before I go out the door and taking them off first thing before the naked kidz start jumping on me. My everyday clothes however never stay untouched for long before I see my skin in spots. A family friend once commented, “Why don’t you just get them declawed?” I being the Dorothy Zbornak of my family replied, “That’s a great idea! Here’s another great idea; the next time you say something I don’t like I’ll just rip out your tongue for my convenience!” A bit harsh and slightly crazy I admit, but at the least I said it with a smile.

Believe me, my family knows me well so a comment like that was not unexpected (Face it J, you were asking for it). My point in all of this being there are some things you have to get passed in being a pet owner. Being truly close to your pet means confronting their behavior which I would hope you do with a humorous eye. Dealing with my cats butt in my face has made me far more accepting of your baby’s poopy diaper, so we are even. Though our pets are domesticated they are still animals. No amount of cleaning will erase all germs, no amount of training will civilize little spot or phi phi’s nose in your crouch and no amount of complaining will keep your cat from putting holes in your clothes. Just love your pets and deal with it.

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  1. We love your response to the declaw remark- our human says she will remember to say that next time some ignorant person tells her that. Your words are spot on- there's not much difference between having fur babies or human babies, they both have their poos and joys.

    Clove & Kaspars


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