We've Been Busy

Sorry for the delay in writing. It’s the summer hiring season for the Smithsonian and I have been mad busy trying to keep up.

Well, my plane ticket is paid for, my room is booked and we continue to add and subtract from the preliminary packing pile for BlogPaws. It mostly in bags atop my dresser. Though I left a path at the edge of the dress for the cats to walk across; they find it more convenient to walk over the growing mass to get to the TV. Most of the pile is actually the cats. I have to take their food and water bowl, clothing, toiletries, litter and pans. This within itself may not seem like much, cat clothing notwithstanding. However, I am doing this at double the rate since both cats are going with me. When June 1st comes, then I will start compartmentalizing all of this crap and compare it to my final list (I keep add to it, this madness my stop).

I am really looking forward to this year’s convention. I’ve even decided to stay a couple of extra days just to hang out around Phoenix. I hope the kidz will enjoy it too. I made a point of getting a carrier that is large enough to handle them both comfortable for the 5-hour flight. I don’t think the flying time is actually five hours. It normally takes just 4 to fly from DC to LA, so four hours 50 minutes seems strange to me, but I’m not a piolet. I’ll get Maxwell, Allie and Faraday’s Mom to explain that to me (She’s a piolet).

Well, back to the pile…


  1. MOL! The mama says that's because of WAYPOINTS. (Sky highways) You must have been routed along a few different highways. Also maybe this time of year you have prevailing headwinds. That can REALLY add to the time!!! Especially when airlines are becoming increasingly more fuel conscious. We told her enough geeking out already!!

    1. Thank you Faraday, Allie & Maxwell for that informed and cat-telligent answer. Thank your Ma for me.


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