Tuesday's Tip: Luggage

As I started to make my list for BlogPaws, it occurred to me that the first thing I needed was luggage.

I’ve not flown alone in a long while, and for the trips I have taken I’ve usually borrowed luggage.  My luggage was a duffle bag for the longest time, fine for bohemians and drifters and not middle-aged women according to my friends and family. Being out of the Army now it’s probably high time I got my own; but what to buy? I'm an unconventional gal.  How will I keep my quirky uniqueness?  Besides, experts in security say that you should get luggage easy to identify (at least 30% of luggage thief happens at the baggage unloading area). Make your luggage distinctive; put on stickers, tie a colorful scarf to it, bright tags, straps, etc. Since I have vision issues I needed to make mine stand out so I could identify it even if the airport assistant had to pull it off for me…I went with yellow (it’s my favorite color after all).

Rockford had a two-piece set from their Melbourne line in bright yellow that is perfect for me. Hard-shell rubberize outside (don't want to bring back bed bugs), 360° swivel, expandable to fit that extra bit of cat stuff and a lock to keep it all secure. This two-piece set (28” and 20”) was purchase on Amazon, and it was/is on sale (I saved 70 %!) which made it just that much more of a great deal.

Now, what if someone else got the same deal and color and was on the same plane? Not likely, but it could happen. No worries, my Shake Luggage Tags will do the trick! Rubber with leather strap complements my luggage. I put my biz card in the 28” and my work biz card in the 20”. It does come with a card form to fill in your info if you prefer. Both the Rockford Luggage and the Shake Tags come in at least 20 different colors, so you are sure to find what fits your personality and style.

All in all, I think we are off to a great start!

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