Naked Omnipresence

I don’t find it hard to remember what’s precious to me, but sometimes I need to be more cognitive of that; it should show more in my everyday life.

I was listening to the local news the other day when a report about cats came on. Why do cats lay on your things when they have an entire room to sit and be more comfortable? We (cat people) know it is because they want your attention. However, it was how this one reporter phrased the phenomenon that caught my attention. He went on to say that the study suggests that cats seek out what they believe is important to you and lay on the object to “compete” for your attention. My cats at times jostle each other for my lap or chest, but I never extended that behavior to non-living objects. I always thought they did that because of my smell mostly, not because they were in competition for my attention with said object.

I’ve been updating my life lately. My transition into my Mother’s home and community have been a growth experience for me, but not an easy transition. I’m taking care of most of her needs on my won. However, she lives a little farther away from the city, and this has made it harder for me to go out when I’d like. Though it is not impossible to move around it takes better coordination on my part. As for my person, I cut my hair, am buying some new clothing, working more diligently on some health issues and drawing closer to my faith by participating more within my religious community. I’ve done a complete overhaul of my technology too; mostly so I can blog and write better and more efficiently. I upgraded my phone, tablet, computer, software (like in my Wednesday post; I went with Apple for the first time to the delight of all my friends who did that years ago). I’ve been working on the cats too. They just recently got heart scans. To my relief both are HCM free. In preparation for the BlogPaws conference (my plan is to take them both with me), I am having some new clothing made for them. All of this updating and the one thing I think I was missing was/is growing my relationship with my cats on a personal level.

I know some would think I do more than most people do with their pets. Most humans skate that fine line between pet and furniture. The latter you can maintain its upkeep. But at its core is no more important than any other object in your life.  The former is a living soul that you committed to caring for in all ways imaginable. Sometimes that just means “let’s go outside and play instead of surfing the net” or “let’s snuggle and not answer the phone for the next couple of hours.”

Though I had this caricature of us made for a laugh, there is truth in it I can ignore. So let me say this to Lexi Liu and Moshe Moshi. I know they can’t read, but I’m hoping my friends and family keep my honest when I fall short of my commitments. So to my naked kidz; I will do better, I promise.

Have a good weekend.

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