Marching On

The first day of March, which is Meteorological the first day of Spring (Calendar Spring doesn't occur until the 21st).  I know the naked kidz are ready for it.  They think they have been chilly for far too long.

We did enjoy a bit of sun this weekend.  Moshe Moshi didn't wait for me to clean off the table to layout in the sun, he just makes due.

They had a dental cleaning the last day of February.  I am happy to report no cavities, no infections, no tooth loss.All their labs came back perfect and according to the scales they "gained" some weight.  They say muscle weighs more than fat and I'm hoping that is the case (I wanted them to lose weight).  Lexi Liu has a pear shape, and Moshe Moshi was getting a little bit of a pouch before they went completely raw. Their clothing suggests they are smaller, but I can't be sure.  Their labs suggest they are healthy so I'll embrace that perspective, besides I'm happy with them in any shape.

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