Pet Dental Month

February is Pet Dental Month; a month this family knows all too well.  Two of my angels suffered terribly from dental diseases, though to be a result of their poor early care.  Although not proven, many Vets link the dental disease to respiratory illness.  Jake and Maus were both sick kitties and the first few months of their living with me were battles with a kennel cough, upper respiratory infections, and Calicivirus.  Maus had half of her teeth pulled due to most common feline dental disease, resorption. Jake had a chronic gum infection that eventually took all of his teeth. Jake's the last extraction resulting in a Jaw fracture.  The Video was me trying to get him to eat and work his jaw.  His jaw was painful and stiff for weeks after the surgery.

I have been luckier with Moshe Moshi, and Lexi Liu appears not have any dental issues.  They will go in for their bi-annual cleaning this month, and I am interested to see how much being on a raw diet has helped keep them that way.

I recommend at least an annual dental cleaning if you brush your pet's teeth on a regular basis, twice a year if you don't.  I know pet cleaning cat be expensive. However, many Vets run specials during Pet Dental Month so you may want to shop around or inquire with your Vet.  Our Vet Takoma Park Animal Clinic has always done a great job without teeth. 

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