Cats & Killers are Dope!

Two things I love are going to show up in one place on April 29th 2016; a cute cat and gratuitous violence.  The comedy duo of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele (formally of Key & Peele on Comedy Central) have produced their first film.  KEANU will show in theaters this Spring and I can tell from the preview it is going to be hilarious!  This is a comedy, but it has quite a bit of violence and adult language in it.  You should see this one without the kids however; don't want anyone to come back to me blaming me for getting your kid beat up because they used the "N" word.  Between Keanu, Pride & Prejudiced & Zombies, DeadPool, Star Trek, Independence Day 2, Superman vs Batman and Suicide Squad, I may have to put a bed in my local IMAX theater...I'll be camped there for the rest of the year.

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