Shelter In Place

I don't know that much of the country is unaffected by the event sweeping across North America, but for those that are not U.S.A. readers, the United States of America is experiencing a rather unusual winter.  We had 60° and 70° weather in December on the East Coast  (average temps are 30° to 45°) and now we are having the storm of the century.  Washington D.C., the capitol city of U.S.A. and where I live right now is going to be hit especially hard in this one.  Predicted snowfall is from 12-30 inches.  For our metric system friends, that is approx. .3 to .8 meters.  European weather models have us getting 1.5 meters.  The snow drifts will be even higher. The wind will be upwards of 50 mph.  That's pretty significant for this area, much less in the southern part of the country that is crippled at just 6" of snow.  

House wise I am well prepared; food (both people and pet regular and non-perishable), lots of yarn projects to catch up on. I'm hoping all goes smoothly.  I probably won't posting until Sunday, but follow me on Instagram and Twitter @inakedandhungry, for those naked updates.  If you don't see updates, you'll know the power is out.

Gook Luck to every under the storm warning.

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