The Most Wonderful Time

Sometimes I don’t know who enjoys this more. 

Is it me or is it the naked kidz/cats?

The cats seem to love it when I start decorating the stroller. They jump right in to let me know they are ready. They are excited about stroller days.

We are going to do a little Ad work and get out picture taken with Santa this weekend.

Ah, caught you two sneaking in a little lovin’ time (Moshi and Lexi Sittin' in the tree; K-I-S-S-I-N-G). 

Guess it is a comfortable place to snuggle and nap. 

 We will be at the Big Bad Woof Hyattsville (5500 Baltimore Ave.) for Santa pictures this Sunday, December 13th at 12 noon. Pet photos are from 11-3; all in support of the Washington Humane Society.


  1. You guys look like you approve the upgrade to the decor!

  2. What an amazing stroller. Will be a head turner for sure. Woof!

    Erika and Sebastian


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