The Holiday Cards Tradition

Surveys seem to suggest that Holiday Cards (electronic and paper) are a holiday tradition that is going out of style and that paper cards specifically is an art form on its death bed (I can't find that article, but that was the quote, dang).  I can imagine not doing paper cards, although I did try sending the electronics for a couple of years and just couldn't get into it.  Seemed lazy and detached.

One could make the argument that paper cards are a waste of paper and since I'm sure most people throw out their cards after the holidays I get that.  However, I've always considered my cards as an extension of myself; as if to say "I cannot be there, but I am thinking of you this holiday." Besides, I always get the best cards in return.  Here are just a few.

Yes, it's from the White House, Barry and I are tight. 

Moral of the story: don't let the latest fad or fashion dictate who you are.  Some traditions, ever the little ones are worth passing forward.

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