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Some of you may remember that Moshe Moshi and I featured in an Associated Press story about Pets with Allergies (if this link does not show you can google (Moshe Moshi Pet Allergies"). The one thing the story got wrong was my cost. It wasn’t $250 per year; it was $250 a month in specialty food and medications. Moshe Moshi is no longer on ANY medications for IBS, IBD or allergies and I feed him on $1.25 a day…Raw Feeding.

When Moshe Moshi came to live with me, I had to address his condition.  His previous owner didn’t bath him much, and he had the stickiest, runny poop I’d ever seen. Moshe Moshi does not squat when he poops; he stands because there was nothing to push out; it just all ran out like urine.

Diagnosis & Treatment #1, Parasites - I did find he had giardia, but after treatment the stinky, runny stool did not go away. My Vet said that the giardia has probably caused an imbalance in his gut, so he was given the Purina probiotic (the one that looks and smells like cinnamon), $30 monthly. He didn’t much like it, but he did eat his food, without any improvement in his stool. My Vet said to give it time, so I did.

Diagnosis & Treatment #2, IBD – when his stool did not improve the Vets thought he either had Irritable Bowel Disease or cancer. The only way to know for sure was to open him up and take a peek. I decided against the surgery and instead opted to treat him for IBD in the hopes that the meds would clear it up eventually. He was given two antibiotics to take every day and still take the probiotic. Later he was given an additional med to help with his diarrhea, $120 monthly.

Diagnosis & Treatment #3, Allergies – Moshe Moshi would have days where he didn’t have runny stools, but most days he still did. Vets considered that it might be the food I’m feeding him, or he could have an allergy to the food. I did an elimination diet and tried to introduce new foods. Also, his skin was dry most days, and I continually had to moisturize.  Not a happy kitty.

Everything gave the same resulting loose stools. On to the allergist who, though the test was not definitive thought Moshe Moshi should eliminate poultry and wheat from his diet. Venison was the only food that didn’t give him runny stools although they were still a little loose. The Hills diet was $62 a bag, the canned food I mixed it with was $52 a case. The medication continued, and altogether I was paying $270/monthly in meds and food just for Moshe Moshi, and I had two other cats to feed. The final diagnosis is that the Giardia damaged his gut more than previously thought and along with his allergies and food sensitivity this was probably going to be the rest of his life. It was about this time Maus and Jake had their medication accident, and now I was doing meds and special food for all three cats, about $600 a month for all three. I loved all my cats, and though it was hard, I gladly paid it to keep them healthy. I comparison shopped for meds, foods, did home remedies for little things and took in craft and baking commissions to make ends meet. Though I loved them all, I could not keep up. I could not afford this and for the first time considered the possibility of giving them up…for about 2 minutes. Longest 2 minutes of my life. Decided they weren’t going anywhere. Maus’s death gave me a bit of a reprieve in the cost. However, though the number of cats I had went down, the price for all of these meds and food went up. Still was having problems affording the upkeep, and by the way, I still wasn’t getting much difference in the quality of Moshe Moshi’s stool, it was the same regardless of the meds or the food. So I asked myself why I was paying for treatments that were not working for him. I didn’t want to stop, but I didn’t know what to do.

I had considered raw food, but what was available in specialty stores was expensive, and the process of making your won seemed complicated.  I got some free samples, but Moshe Moshi didn’t much like it, so I put off the possibility of raw, but still decided to read up on the subject and made do with my budget.

Part 2 - The Leap to Raw

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